Friday, January 30, 2009

My high chair project!

So my motivation for this came from my friend Angel.  I saw her high chair she fixed up for her baby girl and it was beautiful!  For some reason it took me a while to be able to find a sturdy high chair ( umm... like 2 1/2 months ) I started to panic a little since Emery is ready to have a high chair.  But finally someone in Truckee had one for a decent price!

We were really lucky that we didn't have to sand this puppy down.  The owner said it was probably 50 years old.  

This was after two coats of paint.  I had to touch it up one more time, but what a difference white paint makes!!!

I got the stamp at Michael's for 99 cents and I think it adds a pretty touch!

My finished product!  I am going to add some lacquer to the paint, spray adhesive to keep the paper down and poly europhane to seal the paper. In the end the total cost was $45.00, not bad for something so pretty!  Plus I get to brag to my daughter one day that I did this for her! 

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